and 494,000 other  UK Veterans

My name is Vic Williams. I am making this video as a personal appeal to the Prime Minister

I saw action and lost friends. I fought for my country because I believed that it was the right thing to do

After the war, I worked in Britain and made my compulsory National Insurance Contributions like everyone else.

I emigrated to Canada, a Commonwealth country because Canada shares a common heritage with Britain

I have been retired for 26 years and my British pension is frozen at exactly the amount  I first received in 1987 and will stay that way until I die

If I had gone to live in the US my pension would be fully indexed to today's value. If I had gone to Germany or Italy my pension would be fully indexed

That is not fair or right. Those are not the values Britain still believes in;  they're not the values you believe in - you seem to be a decent an honourable man

Why is my pension frozen in a Commonwealth country? A Canadian pensioner who moves to Britain has their pension indexed, Why doesn't Britain follow suit?

Britain is the only country that does not treat its pensioners equally. This is not right. We do not deserve to be treated as badly by the country we fought for

I ask you Prime Minister - on behalf of my fellow veterans - most of us who are left are now in our 90's  - use your influence and authority to fix this problem

It is the decent and right thing to do - it is those values that Britain is known for - those are the values my friends and I fought to preserve. Please don't abandon us any longer

A veteran like Vic retiring in Canada in 1987 on full pension would still only be receiving £40 a week. If he had retired to the US or Germany, he would be getting £134 a week. It is a national disgrace how we penalise our veterans for the crime of moving to a Commonwealth country on retirement.

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