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Alistair and Gail's story

"Over 10 years ago, a friend took me to a CABP meeting. I learned that I could buy back past years NI contributions to increase the value of my UK pension”

"I had 11 years of contributions from working in the UK and concluded it would be worthwhile buying back another 13 years. I would reach pension age in early 2017"

"Later we learned through CABP that I would get a spousal pension even though I had never lived or worked in the UK. I sent our marriage certificate to DWP ASAP"

"A new pension scheme was being developed and for a while it was unclear whether I would be in the old or new systems”

"Eventually the dates were set by DWP and I would be in the new system which does not provide a spousal pension"

“But I, a year younger than Alistair, would become a pensioner a year earlier than him and so qualify under the old system. Would I get a spousal pension?”

I phoned DWP twice about this and received conflicting information so I sent an email to CABP”

“A series of communications in early 2016 with a helpful person at CABP clarified all this for us”

"He referred me to their members’ magazine, Justice, and confirmed that my wife would get a spousal pension but not until I reached pension age”

“He also advised me to put in a further 6 years of contributions since they would soon be paid back in benefits, even without indexing”

So now, thanks to all the help from CABP, we are both so much better off than we would have been had we not become members of CABP”

“After the disappointing Carson case ruling in 2010 we did wonder whether it was worth continuing the fight for pension justice”

“Thanks to the perseverance by CABP and the International consortium, we anticipate our pensions will be indexed before we die! We will renew our membership each December!”

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